Millions of businesses ship.

Only a select few audit their invoices proactively.  We’re changing that.

Why we do this.

Refund Geeks was founded in 2017 based on the principle that businesses need better, more insightful data related to shipping and logistics in order to understand their true shipping costs and to improve operations.

Refund Geeks was born from necessity.  Our founders spent years in industrial / wholesale businesses with annual parcel spend in the millions.  Carriers like UPS and FedEx have intentionally complex rate structures and limited reporting features, making vendor accountability and operational insight extremely difficult – especially for high-volume shippers.  Businesses shouldn’t have to spend time and money becoming experts in parcel invoices to understand how parcel impacts their operations – or to make sure they’re getting a fair shake.

Enter Refund Geeks.  We monitor and synthesize the endless streams of carrier data to help customers (1) understand their shipping operations and logistics spend categories and (2) hold carriers accountable for the terms of their contracts.  We’re the parcel experts – we’ll keep your shipping invoices in check so you can focus on running your business.

If you want to learn more about what we do, here’s how it works.

Meet our leadership team.

Our leadership team hails from a variety of industries, all with extensive experience building powerful teams and successful businesses. This group has a passion for people – both team members and customers. They dig saving companies money, and they geek out a little bit on shipping analytics.

Doin’ some good.

Shipping stuff uses lots of boxes.  In the US, about 29 million tons of corrugated material is manufactured each year.  According to the EPA, at 2577 boxes per ton of corrugated, one tree yields about 151.6 boxes.  That means around 493 million trees are needed to make a year’s worth of boxes.  (stats courtesy of

There is some good news.  For one, boxes are recovered / recycled at a rate the exceeds 80% now, which is awesome.  There are also a number of responsible organizations devoted to planting trees around the globe.

We’ve decided to partner with, a non-profit committed to reforesting the planet, one tree at a time.

We plant a tree for every customer that signs up with Refund Geeks.

Join our team.

You want to be a part of something awesome.  A company that values results but also embraces creativity.  One that knows culture is the sum of its unique team members.  One with great benefits, one that cares about family.  On top of all that, you want to be part of a company that’s growing faster than any other company in the industry.

Does this sound like you?  If so, you might be a future Refund Geek.

We have offices in Los Angeles, CA and Los Gatos, CA – along with some remote opportunities.

Contact us about our current openings.