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Most businesses don’t realize how much they overspend on shipping.  Savings opportunities are not always obvious, and keeping up with your UPS & FedEx invoices could be a full time job.  Use our Free Savings Report to help you identify your biggest savings opportunities.

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Your new Savings Assistant.

Max uses Artificial Intelligence to provide insights, track exceptions and even automatically file refund requests for your late shipments. Max will identify lost or damaged packages, process returns for unused labels, run exception & surcharge reports and more. You’ll even be notified whenever there’s something you can do to improve your shipping habits.

Engineered for maximum savings, Max has your back.

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Analytics with Attitude

  • Which surcharges cost you the most?
  • Are your shipments packaged cost effectively?
  • Are you getting the best discounts possible?

Use our analytics platform to uncover meaningful insights
designed to unlock significant savings. Free for all users.

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