Shipping Data.

Connect as many UPS & FedEx accounts as you’d like. Finally, you can truly understand your parcel spend – and where you can save.

You’ll love your new dashboard.

Track all of your high-level shipping stats from one screen.  Your dashboard will alert you of any urgent actions, including account connection issues or problems with your accounts.

  • View all UPS & FedEx data in one spot
  • Connect as many accounts as you’d like
  • Overall and average shipping spend
  • Pending and confirmed refunds
  • True cost per package & cost per pound
  • Apply filters and choose any date range

Insights = Power.

From here, you can drill into your shipping habits in different ways.  Look at your spend, savings and other features – across all of your UPS and FedEx accounts – in the same place.  You can even download reports for easy import into other BI and reporting systems.

  • Spend & Savings Line-Level Reports
  • Filter and Download to .CSV (Excel)
  • Report by Class of Service (ie: Air vs Ground)
  • Zone Distribution Analysis
  • Shipments by Weight Tiers
  • Delivery Location Report
  • Raw UPS & FedEx invoice downloads

We even provide tracking level detail reports with substantially more data than what’s included on your UPS and FedEx invoices.

Max Never Misses a Beat.

Max, your new AI Savings Assistant, notifies you whenever there are issues with your account.  Whether it’s lost packages, anomalies in your surcharges, or account connectivity problems, Max keeps you in the loop so that you can react quickly when issues come up.

  • Surcharge Summary
  • Address Corrections
  • Additional Handling Fees
  • Damaged Shipments
  • Oversize Charges
  • Residential Surcharges
  • Lost Packages
  • Notifications & Alerts

Get connected today & start saving.

We’ll sync your UPS and FedEx accounts free for 30 days.  Visualize your data, identify savings – and keep 100% of the refunds we find.

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