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Within 24 hours of syncing your UPS and FedEx accounts, you’ll be able to visualize your shipping spend like never before.  You’ll immediately unlock reports, insights and notifications, designed to arm you with the data you need to lower your shipping costs by up to 30% and make smarter shipping decisions.

Your dedicated Savings Advisor will review your shipping accounts with you, pointing out savings opportunities and meaningful insights related to your shipping data.  They’ll also make sure you’re comfortable with all of our reports and notifications, so you can dig in as deep as you’d like.

With this data, you have the power to negotiate better rates with UPS & FedEx, or you can have us do it for you.

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Most customers see a 10x or higher ROI from our platform.

Automated UPS & FedEx Auditing

UPS and FedEx guarantee packages you ship will be delivered on time.  When they’re not, or when billing errors occur, our system automatically files refund requests for you.

  • Late Deliveries
  • Invalid Address Correction Fees
  • Invalid Residential Surcharges
  • Dimensional Weight Problems
  • Saturday Delivery Fees
  • Duplicate Invoice Charges
  • Cancelled / Voided Shipment Charges

Our customers consistently earn refunds from 3% to 10% of their total UPS / FedEx spend with our automated parcel auditing.  Get started today!

Contract Negotiation

UPS and FedEx contracts can be tough to wrap your head around.  Even if you completely understand the rate matrices, surcharge tables and terms, you’ll need to understand exactly how to blend those together to create the perfect rate structure for your business.  On top of all that, you’ll also need to know how much flex UPS & FedEx has within each surcharge and rate category.

Both carriers have over 80 surcharges and double-digit service classes.  That leaves you with nearly 100 possible data points to optimize.

Where should you start?

Refund Geeks gives you a couple options.  First, if you’re using our audit services, you can utilize our shipping analytics platform to help you understand your rates and know exactly where you’re incurring surcharges.  From there, you can benchmark your spend against other (anonymous) Refund Geeks customers.  You’ll have the best possible data to perform your own carrier negotiations – at no charge!

If you’re not sure how low you can go with your rates or surcharges, or if you just want us to take care of the process for you, we can do that, too!  Our expert contract negotiators have experience working in the pricing departments for both UPS and FedEx, giving them a deep understanding about where to push and where to give, helping you lock in the best pricing possible.

The result – you get the lowest price per pound shipped, minimizing your parcel spend.

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