How does your service actually work?2018-10-04T22:34:28+00:00

We’re glad you asked! 🙂

We actually explain a lot about it here.  There’s a lot that goes on under the hood, but our setup process really only takes 2-3 minutes of your time.  Since there’s no software to install, we don’t impact your operations in any way.  On the back end, we connect to your UPS and FedEx accounts, watch for refund opportunities and file refund claims for you.  Refunds go back to your UPS and FedEx accounts directly each week, and we monitor those accounts to make sure you’re getting the refunds you deserve.  From there, we use the data to help you understand where you have bigger savings opportunities.  We can even help you negotiate better rates with UPS and FedEx.

How much will your service cost me?2019-05-21T23:58:39+00:00

We explain our pricing here. Refund Geeks pricing is customized for you, based on factors such as your shipping volume and connected services. Pricing is designed to fit businesses large and small. Refund Geeks’ pricing specialists work directly with you to ensure the ideal pricing structure for your business.

What about data security and privacy?2018-11-22T07:49:25+00:00

We’re in the business of data processing and data management, so we  understand the importance of security and privacy.  We have built our systems and internal processes with data security and privacy as our top priority, to minimize risk and give you peace of mind.

When you partner with Refund Geeks, your data is secured by the world’s leading data technology – AWS (for secure data storage) and Stripe (for secure payment processing).  We do not share any of your information – ever.  We do not outsource any of our audit process.  Our audits are closed-loop, performed entirely in house by Refund Geeks team members located at our offices in Los Gatos, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

Learn more about our privacy policy or security.

Will using your refund service affect my relationship with UPS or FedEx?2018-01-31T08:39:22+00:00

Your relationship with UPS and FedEx will not be affected by our parcel auditing service.  We simply help you claim refunds that are already due to you – refunds that carriers expect you to claim.  In many cases, our shipping analytics package allows you to have a more engaged conversation with UPS and FedEx about your shipping practices, which may even strengthen your relationship with them.

Does parcel auditing affect my current UPS and FedEx discounts?2018-01-31T08:45:24+00:00

Your current discounts will not be impacted by our parcel audit services.  Refunds we claim for you show up in an isolated area on your bill – your rate matrix remains unaffected.  If anything, our shipping analytics package can help you IMPROVE your discounts with UPS and FedEx by leveraging volume information, zone details and more.

Other than late shipments, what else do you find refunds for?2017-04-28T06:33:20+00:00

Late UPS shipments are certainly a large component of our refund service.  In addition to this, our software scans your package history for refunds associated with:

  • Invalid Address Correction Fees
  • Invalid Residential Surcharges
  • Dimensional Weight Problems
  • Saturday Delivery Fees
  • Duplicate Invoice Charges
  • Cancelled / Voided Shipment Charges
If I sign up, how much time do I need to spend on Refund Geeks each month?2019-05-22T00:01:38+00:00

All you need to do is sign up, which takes 2 minutes. After that, you can spend as much time as you’d like each month monitoring your spend, running reports and working with our Savings Advisors to dial in your parcel spend.  Or you can just get excited about how much money you’re getting back from UPS or FedEx.

What is a FedEx Money Back Guarantee?2017-05-11T20:09:28+00:00

Similar to the UPS Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR), FedEx guarantees that packages will arrive by a certain day/time, or they owe the shipper a refund. For full details and more information about FedEx services, check out the FedEx Service Guide.

What is a UPS Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR)?2018-01-31T08:45:59+00:00

In short, UPS guarantees that packages will arrive by a certain day/time, or they owe the shipper a refund. For full details, check out our GSR details page here.

Do you handle other carriers beyond UPS and FedEx, like DHL?2017-04-28T22:45:09+00:00

Right now, we’ve focused our service on maximizing UPS and FedEx refunds. We do have plans to launch a similar service for DHL and other carriers in the future. If interested, please contact us so we can let you know once it’s live.

After I sign up, how do I reach support?2018-10-04T22:38:11+00:00

Our support team is available from 8:30am-5pm PST, Monday through Friday via phone, email or chat.  Please contact us anytime.

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