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Claim Refunds Automatically

Refund Geeks is the only parcel auditing platform that is COMPLETELY FREE for small businesses (up to 500 shipments per month).

Shipping more than that? Check our pricing.

Just sync your UPS and FedEx accounts with Refund Geeks and let our cloud-based auditing system find and claim refunds.  Credits are refunded directly back to your UPS and FedEx accounts.

That’s it.  No catch – just free money!!

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Analytics Beyond Belief

Improving shipping habits has always been a puzzle that most businesses struggle to solve. With our advanced analytics suite, you’ll have access to the most important insights, updated in real time.

Which surcharges cost you the most? Are you packaging shipments cost effectively? Are you spending too much on unnecessary services? Our tools will help you answer those questions and more.

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Our Happy Customers Include:

Rough Country
Buck Mason
Beam Distributing

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We’ll sync your UPS and FedEx accounts and start our refund engines today.  Visualize your data, identify savings – and keep 100% of the refunds we find.

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