If your business ships via UPS, you’ve probably noticed that UPS hikes their rates nearly every year.  The easiest way to reduce your shipping costs and save money on UPS business shipping – WITHOUT changing anything about how you operate – is to use an automated UPS parcel auditing system.  

Refund Geeks system will reduce your UPS spend by up to 30% – on top of your existing UPS discount!  With our fee structure, we guarantee a 400% ROI.

Auditing is risk free – our system looks at your UPS invoices, finds shipments where UPS failed to meet their guarantees to you, and requests refunds on your behalf. All refunds are credited directly back to your UPS business account.

The first 30 days are entirely fee-free, with no contract or obligations.  You only have 15 days to claim you refunds or they’re returned to UPS.

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